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Because of all the tourists and expats who live here, the country is very cosmopolitan and international. No matter what time of the day or day of the week, you can always find something to do in Bangkok. Yesterday, I spent USD for all of my food for the day, including some drinks and snacks. I can get a private room for USD per night or a bungalow in front of the beach for –20 USD.There are global food chains, international restaurants and stores, Starbucks, and Hollywood movies. Like New York, Bangkok is a city that never sleeps. An apartment in downtown Bangkok costs 0 a month, and it’s still bigger than what I need. My detailed, 170 page guidebook is made for budget travelers like you!Not a bad deal and not a bad way to spend the weekend.The postcard-perfect tropical islands I love the beach.Though I wonder how you can pick a favorite country. No country is really better than another, just different. There's a popular saying that "love knows no boundaries", and, perhaps nowhere is this more true than in the Chinese entertainment industry. The article introduces 10 well-known Chinese actresses and singers who have either dated or married foreign men in recent years. In recent months, Yuan Li began dating Blaine Grunewald, a former lawyer and CEO of Lehman Bush in Shanghai.And you can get to many of these destinations cheap.

Thais have amazing memories — once a friend, always a friend. It’s perfect for travel Thailand is smack-dab in the middle of everything.The lush jungles As much as I enjoy sitting on the beach, I also love to hike through jungles, and Thailand has some of the most beautiful and lush ones I’ve seen. There’s a reason so many people come here and marry Thais. It’s nice coming to a country where everyone is good looking.From the jungles and elephants in Khao Yai National Park, to the famed lake of Khao Sok in the south, to the famous jungle and hill tribe treks near Chiang Mai, you can get your tropical jungle fix very easily here. The women here are just stunning, with beautiful skin and exotic looks. Bangkok I hated Bangkok the first few times I traveled there.They’re always happy, always smiling, extremely polite, and always helpful.They’ll help you out if you’re in trouble and help translate for you if you can’t speak Thai.

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