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You expected immediate text responses from someone who spends most of his time driving (he should not be reading your texts while he's on the road).Please spend some time thinking about your needs, and why your gut had you in a constant panic. Also know that breakups don't have to be about placing blame. Misery and disappointment are part of the experience, but feeling stupid doesn't help. Instead of punishing yourself, do some brainstorming about what kind of relationship would put you at ease.

I am a very honest person with a good sense of humor.

When he finally replied, he said he had been with his friends. He told me I was trying to control him and that I was too jealous.

We didn't talk for about five months, but then got back together.

I know I can be insecure because of past experiences ... I feel guilty but at the same time so disappointed. I won't beg, but it hurts so much that he did't try to prove that he's trustworthy, and instead decided that we have no future.

My insecurities are tied to his being a truck driver and us not getting to spend time together.

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