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Although they know logically that they still have loving fans, that the public still thinks well of them... This, on top of media outlets that abuse them for clicks on their site, can completely turn around a star's career in a night. Why are there more celebrities in Korea suffering from depression due to hateful replies than in any other country?

One industry insider said this: "The hateful replies are probably worse overseas, but the stars just dismiss them as nothing more than just that: hate.

Bo A and U-Know Yunho are both artists born in 1986, and belong to the same company, SM Entertainment.

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Unfortunately for our country, hateful replies start to get interpreted as public sentiment.

Although many promise themselves not to read the replies, they can't help but to since their careers are so sensitive to public sentiment.

This is a really powerful editorial released by OSEN that's well worth the read.

The article is long so I'm skipping irrelevant parts.

One top star who's earned numerous CF deals for being a 'likable star' with the public is unable to put down his smartphone at any time because he's so afraid of one hateful reply turning into hundreds.

With the development of social networking services, the situation has only gotten more severe. Stars open their mentions to find lists upon lists of informal language and criticisms that even the strongest of hearts can't take.

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