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The baby weighs approximately 13 pounds and is currently the size of a shoebox.Tanganyika Wildlife Park’s are the first and only pygmy hippos in Kansas, and the first to give birth in Kansas.Medical Advocacy Advocates respond onsite to medical and mental health facilities to provide support and assistance to survivors in accessing services related to domestic violence. If it does and your qualifications match, we will contact you. Thank you for inquiring about Goddard Systems, Inc.Domestic violence takes many forms including dating violence, sexual assault and stalking.It is an issue that many would prefer not to think or talk about.In 2011, as Tanganyika was looking to expand and add to its collection, Jim Fouts, the Park’s Director, was considering common hippos.However, he decided to focus on pygmy hippos because their physical size was more conducive to the available space and their wild population was in decline.

Both Posie and Pluto were too young to breed, so they would have to wait two more years before they reached sexual maturity.The program focuses on reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors using A Window Between Worlds and Love and Logic curriculum.Court Advocacy Advocates provide support to survivors as they move through the legal court systems and access protective orders.“As one of the most successful breeding facilities in the world, I knew we could make a difference for pygmy hippos,” Jim Fouts said.“However, I didn’t expect it to take so long to achieve it.” In 2012, Jim began his search and had to look internationally due to the small availability of pygmy hippos in the U. He was able to secure a male from Indonesia after two years of searching.

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