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Indeed, this is a good barometer and I have not seen, I have not heard, any evidence that there is any attempt to influence the workings of the independent judiciary…In all fairness, I think this is something that is a credit to the central government (in Beijing).” Such misconceptions is one challenge that Mr.

As he adds, “we are working (on other names) and I hope I can give you more good news sometime this year.” He further cites such achievements as examples of how Mainland China, despite regular criticism from certain quarters, has been helping Hong Kong maintain and promote its rule of law rather than influencing it.

Rimsky Yuen tells Hong Kong Lawyer on a cool Tuesday afternoon last month, in his office at the Queensway government building.

“I was not a very good student and could not get into science (during academic streaming in Queen Elizabeth School) which meant that subjects like medical studies, engineering, computers…

He was also, among many other positions, Chairman of the Hong Kong Bar Association between 20. Those are things that we have to do in any event, and which is of course important.

And then on another hand, promoting Hong Kong’s legal infrastructure and legal services are also very important,” he says.

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