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As a shareholder in the British South Africa Company he decided, in 1891, to visit southern Africa to discover for himself whether Rhodes's domain would, as men predicted, become the new El Dorado. In 1891 the three women sailed up the Pungwe River from Beira (there was neither road nor railway at the time) to 'Mpanda's, and then took the bush baths over the hills to Penhalonga, a journey of some 200 miles. ISRNs 0 86920 014 3 (standard) and 0 86920 015 1 (de luxe).The Daily Graphic paid him UK Pound 100 apiece for a series of letters on his travels and these were subsequently republished as the basis of this book. Here, at Sabi Ophir Hill they opened their "hospital", in a rough mud hut. THE STORY of a newspaper "tenderfoot" who followed the trail of the first Rhodesian settlers - with near disastrous but very entertaining results.THE FIRST SERIES of the Rhodesiana Reprint Library - also entitled the "Gold Series" - comprises 36 volumes, most of which are facsimile re-productions of rare and out-of-print works on the pioneering and growth of Rhodesia.

Selous was killed in Tanganyika in 1917, at the age of 65, while serving with the Royal Fusiliers. Stanley Portal Hyatt came to Africa to seek his fortune during the 1890s, drove supply wagons through the virgin veld for some ten years of unremitting toil and was rewarded, eventually, with little more than fond memories, financial ruin and ill-health. ISBNs 0 86920 004 6 (standard) and 0 86920 005 4 (de luxe).Of uniform size, each reprint in the standard edition is case-bound (hard backed) and presented in a specially designed, colourfull dust jacket bearing the family identity of the Series.There is also a fully leather-bound edition that was limited to 150 copies.On this undertaking he lost 60 per cent of his labour force in each of the first three years through malaria, blackwater fever and the depredations of marauding animals. new Appendices (contemporary letters, minutes, previously unpublish eo account of interview with Joseph Chamberlain, obituary, etc.); illus. Bent was the first archaeologist to excavate Zimbabwe and, although his "Phoenician hypothesis" was later discredited by the results of carbon-dating tests, his observations in The Ruined Cities of Mashonaland are interesting and valuable for the light they throw on the life-style of the indigenous people at the time, and on the nature of the settler administration of Mashonaland in the 1890s. numerous sketches (many by author's wife); dust jacket depicts two-colour repro.Meanwhile the company had broadened its scope of activity to include railway construction in the Middle East, public works, dam, harbour and bridge building in Greece, Angola, China, the Argentine and India. 69 photos, sketches, cartoons & fold-out full colour map; dust jacket features posterised portrait of author; new Publishers' Intro. The book is the best-known of Bent's three works, having run to three editions. Conical Tower, Zimbabwe Ruins; new Publishers' Intro.

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His prospecting expeditions, which took him as far as the Hartley Hills, 60 miles from present day Salisbury (now Harare), provide the material for this book. Frederick Courteney Selous, one of southern Africa's greatest men of the early veld, was born into an intellectual and prosperous English family (his father was Chairman of the London Stock Exchange) in 1851, and at the age of 19 sailed for Africa to become an elephant hunter, an occupation at which he excelled from the beginning. Dust jacket design based on Ellerton Fry photo 1890 Column in laager, with bust of author superimposed; new Publishers' Intro.

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