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I take a moment and kiss her mouth hungrily once again, sharing the sweetness of her own nectar and then straddle her open thighs until my hot clit rests on hers. I've never felt this sensation before and I begin to grind my cunt into hers as I hold her bent knee for support. "Slow down," she gently demands, "not yet." I do my best to control but my body is so close to the peak. "Trust me, baby, I know what I'm doing here." I get on my knees, put my head down and clasp my hands together at the top of my head. I lose myself and fuck her hard as she cries out in ecstasy. "Get into a headstand," she says, her instructor voice coming through. She stands up and waits until I raise my legs up over my head and then I watch her crouch down in front of me and guide my legs down to rest on her shoulders, bent at the knees, spreading me wide. I curl my knees to my chest, trying to catch my breath. She comes around from behind me and wraps her arms around me, gently kissing my shoulder and neck. There's something especially sexy about Des's voice today as she guides us through the warm up sun salutations but I let those thoughts pass through me with each breath.My heart skips a beat though during my downward dog when she makes her way over to me pushes me deeper into the pose with her hands firmly grasping my hips.I slip a couple of fingers in below my mouth and hear her gasp with pleasure. I realize that I am so close to climax myself and yet I don't want this to end.Her pussy is warm and wet and tight and I continue to suck and fuck her until she almost cums...there's something else I want to try. "You were amazing," she says, still breathing hard, "now I'm gonna take you to a place you've never been." She reaches down and touches my pussy for the first time and I can't contain myself.

I gently lick at her nipples and feel the rush of excitement at the way they react to my tongue.

I can't even make a sound until my body erupts with shatters of pure white light as she holds me tight and takes me to heaven. She lies next to me, caresses my breast and kisses me gently. Understanding my desire for more, she pushes me down on my back and locks me under her with her legs. My hips feel withered and yet are already swaying under her.

She lowers herself so that her pussy is now on mine. The pleasure is shooting up from down there into my chest.

I know that she's a lesbian but she also knows that I am straight..I thought I was.

It's almost 10 and the class quickly make their way out.

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