Horseback riding camp for adults

Learn to ride, get back in the saddle or join our Winning Show Team!

I started English lessons about 3 months ago and I'm in love. Can anyone recommend a 3-5 night camp that would immerse me in all things horse? My state's dressage organization (one of theit subregions to be exact) organizes an adult camp every year that sounds pretty cool.

Anywhere in North America is fine, time of year doesn't matter. This particular one requires you to have your own horse to bring (own or lease, as long as you can bring your own!

Would prefer something that includes at least some meals, lectures, lessons, etc. What kind of riding are you hoping to do on your vacation? ) You can also make your own "camp" with some of the bigger trainers out there who have students fly in for short visits and have accommodations on the premises.

To register please call Lee Ann at 231-947-9529 ext. We will start with the basics to ensure that you are confident and comfortable.

I've also seen some equestrian vacation type things internationally.

You will need closed toe boots or shoes and long pants. Not to mention, we are certain you will have an excellent time during the program-horses certainly bring a sense of joy and peace to those who have the privilege of working with them.

We have plans that will make any horse lover jump for joy.

A discounted rate of 0 offered for our overnight guests. Whether you’ve never really had the opportunity to work with horses, but have always been intrigued by them, or you feel a bit fearful or intimidated by such a large animal, we are here to help!

This camp will be open to anyone sixteen (16) years old and older who has a desire to learn more about horses.

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