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The Prologue is the first section of four books of the Edda, and consists of an euhemerized Christian account of the origins of Nordic mythology: the Nordic gods are described as human Trojan warriors who left Troy after the fall of that city (an origin similar to the one chosen by Geoffrey of Monmouth in the 12th century to account for the ancestry of the British nation, and which parallels Virgil's Aeneid).According to Edda, these warriors settled in northern Europe, where they were accepted as divine kings because of their superior culture and technology.

Codex Wormianus (AM 242 fol) was written in the mid-fourteenth century.

It relies on the fact that the word "kredda" (meaning "belief") is certified and comes from the Latin "credo", "I believe." It seems likely Snorri would have been able to invent the word.

Edda in this case could be translated as "Poetic Art".

The assumption that Snorri Sturluson is responsible for writing the Edda is largely based on the following paragraph from a portion of Codex Upsaliensis, an early 14th-century manuscript containing the Edda: This book is called Edda.

Snorri Sturluson compiled it in the way that it is arranged here.

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