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By default, this connection is made using Flash Player.Please make sure you have the latest version of Flash Player installed.Here is how to delete cache and cookies for each web browser: If your web browser or version requires different steps, you can simply Google it to find out how to clear cache and cookies in your web browser.You may also want to restart your computer after clearing your cookies and cache just for good measure.Once you connect to AOL, just launch Google Chrome or another web browser outside of AOL, and you will see much improved performance.If you use the AOL browser, you will need to deactivate the popup-blocker by clicking the lower-right corner of the browser screen.Cache is the technical term for temporary files that are stored on your computer while you browse web pages so that the next time you visit the same page it loads faster.

All modern full-functioning web browsers support Java Script, but if you have any problems try these tips: When you arrive at My Free, a connection must be established between the website and your computer, so that you can see what models are online, etc.If Web Sockets cannot load, we will attempt to connect using AJAX.Note: Although there are several ways of connecting to the website, watching the webcam video is only possible if you have Flash Player installed and available.Sometimes installing Flash player in one browser, will not automatically install it in other web browsers.So if you are having any problems, you may need to re-install Flash and then restart your computer and try again.

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