Dating a male victim of sexual abuse

A lot of people have difficulties in relationships, but a person who has survived rape will have extra issues.It takes a patient and special person to be their lover or even just their friend.It may be tempting to dismiss such experiences as wanted sexual initiation (especially in the case of an older female assaulting a younger male), but the reality is that the impact of female-on-male assault can be just as damaging. As with female survivors, men are also sometimes raped by strangers. In some ways, though, men react uniquely to being sexually assaulted. This is a destructive myth that often adds to the anxiety a male survivor feels after being assaulted.These situations tend to be more violent and more often involve a group of attackers rather than a single offender. Immediately after an assault, men may show more hostility and aggression rather than tearfulness and fear. Because of this misinformation, it is common for a male survivor to fear that he is now destined to do to others what was done to him.Or should I say the "lack of relationships" after sexual assault...

Can you imagine the feeling of not being able to trust yourself? To understand why, I would have to revert back to the crime itself along with some common misconceptions.In the end, they got what they wanted, despite what I wanted.Yes, what they originally wanted might've been sex, but without my consent what they wanted from me surpassed the sexual and entered into the realm of control: They wanted me to do what wanted.Rape is primarily prompted by anger or a desire to harm, intimidate or dominate, rather than by sexual attraction or a rapist's assumption about his intended victim's sexual orientation. Because of society's confusion about the role that attraction plays in sexual assault and about whether victims are responsible for provoking an assault, even heterosexual male survivors may worry that they somehow gave off "gay vibes" that the rapist picked up and acted upon.

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