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The show centers around couples who are sent to relationship boot camp in order to save their unions.The season ran for eight episodes, and Cameron along with her boyfriend of 10 years, Clarence - who had nicknamed himself 'Celebrity' - were eliminated in the third episode.What more could I possible need given the intended scenario? Have you ever tried to frolic in a floor-length puffer coat?Unrealistic as Amanda’s foresight may seem IRL, it also makes a very effective case for overpacking, because you really never know what might happen, or when you might meet Jude Law.The struggle between life and death, not only for middle child Kate, but also for the whole family, is heartwarming.Cameron Diaz, takes a serious turn, somehow she seems very comfortable in this role. The heartache and the pain, but also the beauty in how tragedy can bring families together.

Also, I realized that for some reason, people just can't seem to resist comparing this to "There's Something About Mary." I could be wrong, but I don't think this is supposed to be a sequel or anything of the sort, so why compare? If you're a single female, who likes to have fun and not take things so seriously, I would highly recommend this movie.

I hope you enjoyed this holiday season installment of “things that keep Harling up at night,” a new Man Repeller series idea I sincerely hope no one green-lights.

(However, Nancy Meyers, if you’re reading, I would love to know where those three distinctively chic coats are from).

She is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

More rarely, she is also one of the few who manages to be funny AND sexy, often at the same time.

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