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In the first years after made his first million, he still couldn’t talk to women.He did eventually start dating, but in his book he wrote that while he desired a stable relationship, he was unable to tell whether women wanted him just for his money.That night, according to filings, she said Chahal had beaten her after learning she had gone to Las Vegas with another man: He grabbed her by the hair, threw her on the bed, hit her on the head “many times with his palm” and spit on her.

He is cut of the mold of a Larry Ellison or Richard Branson.Under California law, his probation was liable to be revoked, but his legal team fought on.After two years of hearing delays and arguments, a judge in July agreed with the prosecutor to revoke probation.“In a typical Indian household, sons never leave their parents,” he wrote in a mogul how-to book called . named him one America's "most eligible bachelors.” Oprah Winfrey interviewed him on a segment of her show she called “Millionaire Moguls.”By the time he sold Blue Lithium, Chahal had gained entree into the rarefied world of San Francisco’s young capitalists with a Lamborghini (later, a Bentley), a penthouse and an entourage.“They stay with them even after marrying.” After discarding his turban—against his parents’ wishes—and hitting the gym to shed his teenage chubbiness, he emerged with male-model looks. With all those accoutrements, he then started two more companies, first an online payment system called g-Wallet, and then another digital advertising concern called Radium One—his first to attract major venture capitalist backers.

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