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More than anything they wish to reconnect with their authentic sensual self, and to engage from that space with confidence and passion. You’re in good hands; I can help.: I’ve made a lifelong study of intimacy and sexuality, inside and outside the classroom, including 20 years’ work in the field of erotic arts.I became a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Spencer Institute) in 2011, and a certified Intuitive Intimacy Coach in 2016.As an Intimacy Coach, I am passionately committed to facilitating clients' emotional healing and growth.Helping them get out of "performance mode," back into a natural state of presence, play, and pleasure.I’m also an IPSA trained and supervised Surrogate Partner Intern, available to work with clients and their licensed therapists in Surrogate Partner Therapy.Those who seek me out are frequently suffering from performance anxiety and/or pleasure anxiety, sometimes subtle, sometimes overt.They may incorporate any number of the following:· breath work· eye gazing· body sensation meditation· communication exercises· trust exercises· Sensate Focus exercises· non-demand touch practice· body image work· social skills training· sensuality training· non-sexual cuddling· sexual technique tips My typical client is male, aged 40-70, either married or single, often recently divorced, widowed, and/or retired.I see many former “workaholics” ready to make the most out of life, exceptionally shy or socially awkward men (severe introverts, Aspies, etc.), late life virgins, and semi-recluses, as well as perfectly adjusted men experiencing occasional or pervasive feelings of mild to moderate disconnection.

My sessions are co-creative, free flowing, and tailored to the individual.

Zilker Metropolitan Park is sure to make you both feel closer as you become one with nature and your surroundings.

Have a Coffee Date Grabbing a coffee with someone you are into has a romantic notion to it.

Join a dating service and enhance your dating experience straight away.

Online dating in Austin is a thriving social scene, but things just got a whole lot more convenient with this service for singles.

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Try dating online because you can date anytime you want!

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